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2017-02-01 11:15 am

Being here, and playing in photoshop - Elrond, Thranduil.

So, I decided to make a 'Dreamwidth' account. I think there are a few old friends here who are also on LJ.

On LJ I am [livejournal.com profile] ardisia. But I'm bored with that name at the moment, so I'll see if Faenor is available on LJ too. I might change everything to that.

I also have an 'art' LJ account called [livejournal.com profile] artbox. Which I really need to update.

I don't have a clue how things work around here on Dreamwidth, apart that they are similar to LJ in basics. Over the last five years LJ and Dreamwidth have become sparsly populated as everyone ran off to Tumblr.

Some of my indoor spare time at the moment is spent playing in Photoshop with Tolkien 'Elf' images from the films. I am starting to draw again, but nothing yet I feel good enough to share here.

I now have 'The Silmarillion' on Audible, so am going to play that whilst I draw/mess with photoshop.
Although I read, 'The Hobbit' and, 'The Lord of the Rings', when I was still in my teens, I only managed to get a little way into reading the Silmarillion. Now I'm really keen to listen to it read - hoping too that hearing all the pronunciations aloud will be a benefit.

Faenor - Radiant White (faen) Male (on) faen+on (http://elf.namegeneratorfun.com/) - white, as my hair is.

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I'll look into crossposting with all my accounts.